Berg Jeep Adventure Pedal Go Kart

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You're set to ride on an adventure with this mid-sized licensed Jeep, knobby tires, swing axle, adjustable seat, front grille, and your own spare tire - there's no stopping you! Compact size fits a 4 year old all the way up to a "compact adult" - have your own adventure!
The BERG Jeep Adventure Pedal Go Kart - Green Features:
•BFR Hub: stands for Brake, Forward, Reverse and allows the driver to pedal forward, coast with pedals static, pedal back slightly to engage coaster brake and continue pedaling in reverse to drive backwards
•Fully functional spare tire attaches right to the seat, don't leave on your adventure without it!
•Pneumatic Tires provide a controlled ride with superior traction and durability
•Adjustable Steering Wheel ensures a comfortable fit for different sized children
•Sealed bearings in each wheel keep the kart rolling effortlessly for years and years, no need to lube the wheels
Product Dimensions (in inches): 14.00 x 47.00 x 15.00
Great for ages 4-12